Memorials in Bronze – A unique approach to funery art

– About the artist

Michael J. Pollare

Michael James Pollare was born, raised, and educated in Illinois. Throughout his years in elementary school, his classes took annual field trips to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum of Natural History, and Shedd Aquarium.

Each excursion deeply impacted him.

Later Michael graduated from Western Illinois University in 1985 earning dual Bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Earth Sciences.

Geology,  Paleontology, and Oceanography were, and still are, his passions.

After college he found steady work as a foundry tech, producing sculptures for Robert Graham, Arnaldo Polmodoro, Stephen De Suvero, Aris Demetrios, among others.

In 1989,  Michael took a job as manager and supervisor of an art foundry in Sebastopol, Bronze Plus, owned by a sculptor named Robert Holmes.

In the years following, Mr. Holmes would become an internationally acclaimed bronze sculptor.

During those years, Michael grew as an artist, honing his skills as a welder and metal finisher to a professional grade.

His body of work eventually became a collection of miniature monuments with the same themes he studied in college.

With the designs incorporating candles and LED lighting, these small monuments evolved into altars, and in some cases, urns.

In 2016, he bought the foundry from the Robert Holmes Trust and moved it to Santa Rosa.

Mr. Pollare creates new work there and still casts for local sculptors.

– About the art

Photographs shown and dimensions stated on the site are of the original bronze model. The ones done between 1996 and 2003 have one frontal photo.

The availability of bronze work varies. Some pieces are in inventory and are immediately available. Others will require a 6 -10 week turnaround.

Although none are part of any numbered edition, replications and scale-ups will be done using (with some 3d print assistance) the lost-wax casting method. The overall composition will be similar, but the surface detail will have minor variations making each replication unique. The sculptures are made of an alloy that is manually mixed while in the furnace, using the highest grade copper, tin, and silicon to create the finest cast bronze on the market.

All pieces are designed with designated areas to place tealight or votive candles.

If a sculpture is to function as an urn, Michael will design the ash vessel in either fabricated steel or cast bronze for an extra charge.

His sculpture works on both small and monumental scales. Custom sizes are offered to fit any size parameter and/or budget on most pieces.

“Virtual Placement” graphics services are available upon request.

Steel pedestals are available upon request and are for an extra charge.

You are welcome to visit…

– About the pricing

Ash vessels are not included in the below pricing.
Dimensions on this site denote the sculpture’s highest or widest dimension.


$2,200 – $3,900


$500 – $700


Dancing Starfish

Starfish On Stage
$2,000 – $3,900

Soccer Starfish All Stars
$2,200 – $3,200

Please, serious inquires only.

“I find solace in your artistic, inner space where quiet and beauty live unfettered by the maddening pace outside. Outside is kept out of your inventions.

In your inner sanctums, a fortunate visitor can pause time for a moment or two, or forever if he chooses to remain.”

Jack Leissring

Curator and Collector